About Oakley

Oakley is a cockerpoo  who joined the school as a puppy after the Easter Holidays 2021. When he is not at school, he lives with Mrs Sheehan, our Bursar, and her family. 
There are huge benefits to having a dog in school and we are really enjoying having him here. 
When asked about how they felt about Oakley, the children said the following: 
He makes you want to go to school.
He motivates you.
He makes you feel confident – like you can do it.
If you are down in the dumps you can spend time with him (at playtime or in the office).
He brings a little bit of joy.
He’s like a cuddly bear.
It’s like you have a buddy
Squirrel Class took their Carnival Procession past Oakley, who loved it! 
Happy Birthday Oakley! 
We can't believe Oakley is already one year old. He joined us at school after the Easter Holidays 2021 and has become an integral part of our school. We loved being able to give him some new toys, cards and sing to him!